Efficient Regenerative Industrial Furnace Technology

China's metallurgy, machinery, building materials and other industries have about 10,000 flame furnaces for industrial heating and heat treatment, which consume a large amount of fossil fuels each year, accounting for about 8% of the total energy consumption of China's industrial enterprises. Although China is a large energy producing country, it is also a large energy consuming country. The effective use of energy has become an important link restricting China's economic development. Among them, especially fossil energy is a non-renewable energy. A large amount of carbon dioxide and harmful gases emitted after combustion have seriously polluted the atmosphere and damaged our living environment. Therefore, saving energy and protecting the environment are great achievements for the benefit of mankind and future generations.

At present, the heat taken off by the exhaust gas from the flame furnace usually accounts for 50 ~ 70% of the fuel supply. Although many furnaces are equipped with preheaters, due to technology, price, life, payback period and other reasons, the air can usually only be preheated to 300 ~ 400 ℃, and the energy saving rate is 15 ~ 20%. Even so, 30-50% of the heat is emitted into the atmosphere with the exhaust gas.

Because there is no applicable technology for many years, a large amount of blast furnace gas with low heating value produced by blast furnace ironmaking cannot be used, so it has to be released to the atmosphere through smoke, which wastes energy and pollutes the environment. According to statistics, the blast furnace gas emission rate of China's key iron and steel enterprises in 1999 was nearly 9.99%, equivalent to 2.12 million tons of standard coal, and the value was RMB 1.06 billion.

Many enterprises have to purchase heavy oil because of energy shortage, which increases the cost and causes the economic benefits of the enterprise to decline. With the continuous deepening of the city's coal gasification process, iron and steel enterprises are required to provide more and more civilian gas for their cities, and the civilian gas must be high-calorie coke oven gas. However, the steel plant's own coke oven gas production is very limited, which will inevitably cause the company's own energy shortage. For example, the Suzhou Iron and Steel Plant supplies coke oven gas to Suzhou every day and has to purchase heavy oil by itself, about 100,000 yuan per day. Excessive blast furnace gas can not be used because of its low heating value, so it has to be discharged to the atmosphere, which will also have to pay urban sewage charges, which will cause the economic efficiency of the enterprise to decline. The successful application of the new high-efficiency regenerative heating furnace saved nearly 90,000 yuan per day in fuel costs and nearly 40 million yuan in annual economic benefits.

We successfully developed a highly efficient regenerative industrial furnace with independent intellectual property rights. High-efficiency regenerative industrial furnace overcomes the shortcomings of conventional regenerative burner industrial furnaces, improves the waste heat recovery rate to 90 ~ 95%, and achieves the preheating of air and gas to 1000 ° C at the same time. The exhaust temperature of industrial furnaces is low. At 130 ° C, just above the flue gas dew point, it has reached the limit of waste heat recovery.

Using high-efficiency regenerative combustion technology, full-blast furnace gas can be used as fuel in high-temperature industrial furnaces, which will lead to a new path for China's iron and steel enterprises to greatly save energy and reduce consumption. This technology can make full use of blast furnace gas that could not be effectively used in high temperature industrial furnaces. This new type of furnace integrates electromechanical integration, which reduces the volume of the conventional heat storage chamber by dozens of times, and has flexible commutation equipment and complete control system functions.

So far, this technology has been successfully applied to 6 large soaking furnaces, 5 bell-type annealing furnaces, 2 online heating furnaces with continuous casting and rolling, and 13 large continuous heating furnaces. In the past five years, Pinggang has built three North Island furnaces in the new bar and high-speed production line to realize the full-blast furnace gasification of the entire plant's steel rolling furnace. The third plant of Shaogang has continuously used this technology on two furnaces. Energy-saving technological transformation. Each blast furnace gas heating furnace can bring direct economic benefits of 15 ~ 40 million yuan to the enterprise every year. Moreover, the project cost is not higher than that of a conventional industrial furnace, and the investment recovery period does not exceed six months.

High-efficiency thermal storage industrial furnace technology breaks the traditional model of conventional industrial furnaces, and successfully solves a series of problems such as high production and low consumption of industrial furnaces, ultra-low heating value gas utilization and environmental protection. Can achieve 40% energy saving and 30% increase in output. High-efficiency thermal storage industrial furnace technology will inevitably cause a revolution in industrial furnaces.

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