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Introduction to the selection principle of flow meters
In general, the flow meter is a metering product that conforms to the general value law. The higher the accuracy, the higher the price, the higher the weight, the higher the price, the more functions, and the higher the price. The imported products are more expensive than domestic ones. expensive
Industrial electric furnace temperature control method
Automatic furnace temperature control --- refers to automatically turning on or off the heat source energy supplied to the furnace according to the deviation of the furnace temperature from a given temperature, or continuously changing the amount of heat source energy to stabilize the furnace temperature within a given temperature range. Meet the needs of heat treatment process.
Efficient Regenerative Industrial Furnace Technology
China's metallurgy, machinery, building materials and other industries have about 10,000 flame furnaces for industrial heating and heat treatment, which consume a large amount of fossil fuels each year, accounting for about 8% of the total energy consumption of China's industrial enterprises. Although China is a large energy producing country, it is also a large energy consuming country. The effective use of energy has become an important link restricting China's economic development. Among them, especially fossil energy is a non-renewable energy. A large amount of carbon dioxide and harmful gases emitted after combustion have seriously polluted the atmosphere and damaged our living environment. Therefore, saving energy and protecting the environment are great achievements for the benefit of mankind and future generations
Electrical main functions
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2020-03-17 17:36
In order to ensure the reliability and safety of primary equipment operation, many auxiliary electrical equipment are needed to serve it. The combination of several electrical components capable of achieving a certain control function is called a control circuit or a secondary circuit. These devices must have the following features
Electrical system composition
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2020-03-17 17:36
The basic circuit of the commonly used control circuit consists of the following parts.(1) Power supply circuit. The power supply of the power supply circuit includes AC380V and 220V.(2) Protection circuit. The working power of the protection (auxiliary) circuit is single-phase 220, 36V or DC 220, 24V, etc. It performs various protections such as short circuit, overload and voltage loss on electrical equipment and lines. It consists of fuses, thermal relays and voltage loss coils , Rectifier components and voltage stabilizer components.
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