Why is the energy saving and environmental protection of the intermediate frequency furnace?

In the smelting industry, if it is said which type of smelting equipment is most recommended, many people in the industry will recommend intermediate frequency furnaces. The intermediate frequency furnace has many advantages over other melting furnaces, but what people value most is the performance of the intermediate frequency furnace in energy saving and environmental protection.

In terms of energy saving, the intermediate frequency furnace works on the principle of electromagnetic induction heating. The electromagnetic induction generates heat and the heating speed is very fast. Generally, the heating equipment heats the container to achieve the purpose of heating the material contained in the container, while the intermediate frequency furnace directly heats the material. Taking an intermediate frequency melting furnace as an example, put a metal material into a quartz crucible. Because the metal material has resistance, but the quartz crucible has no resistance, when the intermediate frequency alternating current passes through the induction coil, high density magnetic lines of force will be generated and cut. The metal material contained in the crucible in the induction coil can be heated and melted in an instant, and it can be melted in a furnace as soon as 2 minutes. From this we can think of microwave ovens to heat food, and also do not need to heat food containers to heat food. This heating effect, on the one hand, eliminates the intermediate consumption of heat transferred to the container during heating, thereby saving electricity; on the other hand, it also saves the time wasted during the heat transfer process, allowing the metal to heat and melt faster. Really save time and energy, and save energy.

Intermediate frequency melting furnace

In terms of environmental protection, IF is harmless to the human body. Medium frequency furnaces use electromagnetic induction to heat metallic materials, and no open flames or smoke are generated during heating, so there is minimal environmental pollution. The small size and small footprint make the space high utilization rate, it will not occupy the place in the factory building, and it is easy to clean. For example, the Ganghe IF dumping smelting furnace covers an area of ​​less than 1 square meter, the body is smooth, and it is very convenient to clean and wipe. This feature is conducive to bringing a superior working environment to the plant and improving the company's image; Increase work enthusiasm.

Intermediate frequency dumping melting furnace

Energy conservation and environmental protection are advocated by the state, and have very important meanings for both environmental health and social development. The use of energy-saving and environmentally friendly medium-frequency furnaces for smelting metals has also achieved sustainable development to a certain extent, benefiting society and benefiting the country and the people.

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