Method for reducing electrode loss in electric furnace of intermediate frequency furnace

The main reasons for electrode wear in electric furnaces such as steel and intermediate frequency furnaces are: It is divided into two aspects: first, chemical loss caused by oxidation during the smelting process, and second, physical loss caused by broken electrodes.

The cause of radon loss is: the oxygen flow of the oxygen door of the furnace door during the cleaning of the scrap material inside the intermediate frequency furnace and the electric furnace is too large, resulting in serious oxidation of the electrode surface, causing loss.

Solutions are: 1 Optimize the angle of the oxygen gun to prevent the oxygen blown out from directly acting on the electrode; 2 Optimize the process of the oxygen gun and adjust and control the maximum oxygen flow of the oxygen gun. The cause of electrode breakage is divided into two aspects: mechanical failure and electrical phase control.

How to prevent mechanical failure:

1. The electrode installation must be reasonable and standardized to ensure stable clamping and installation;

2, the position of the electrode connection is correct, the electrode holder should be above the connection, and at the same time, it should not be clamped on the open or left eyelet;

3. Reasonable cloth, all kinds of iron and steel materials are reasonably distributed in the basket, avoiding the formation of light and thin iron and steel materials on the top of the furnace, which is difficult to descend, and then forming a large piece of scrap steel to break the electrode;

4. When melting, pay attention to observe the distribution of the unmelted charge. For the generated bridge structure, use the method of oxygen blowing or physical swing to let the charge fall down at the electrode raising position to avoid breaking the electrode.

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